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Source Toothbrush

Source Toothbrush

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The unique Source toothbrush is manufactured in the USA by Radius, a specialist toothbrush manufacturer who has been making toothbrushes for over 30 years. Not only do you save money with brush heads that can be replaced, you reduce the impact on the environment at the same time by not contributing more plastic to landfill. The replaceable heads consume only 20% of the material of standard toothbrushes and are small enough to discard. 

The bioplastic handle of the toothbrush is made from recycled materials and is shaped for ease of use – ideal for anyone with manual dexterity problems such as arthritis sufferers. The brush head can be aligned to suit either right or left handed people. 

The large brush heads are available in either soft or medium and feature radial bristling which gives a substantial bristle tip area for a small head size. This makes brushing the teeth and gums more effective.  

A deeper clean while massaging your gums

Our toothbrush head was designed with radiating bristles embedded in a curved bristle bed and connected to a longer neck so that you get a deeper clean and a stimulating gum massage all at the same time. Choose your bristle type! Our Soft and Medium bristles are end-rounded for a pillow-soft clean.

Refillable replacement heads, means less waste and lower cost

Replaceable head means 93% less waste than the average toothbrush. No need to sacrifice a clean mouth feel for a cleaner planet. With the durable Source handle made from repurposed recycled materials and its replaceable long neck head, get the cleaning you want and keep our beaches looking fresh too.

So comfortable you won’t want to let go

An ergonomic reversible handle design is suited for righties and lefties, and reduces unwanted pressure on your teeth and gums. Also, each handle model has its own unique eco-friendly personality, sourced from different repurposed materials.

The Source toothbrush is packed using recyclable cardboard and SmartCycle clear packaging material, 50% of which is derived from recycled drink bottles. 

  • Toothbrush with replaceable head and handle made from renewable resource
  • Replaceable brush heads reduce environmental impact by replacing only the part that wears out
  • The only toothbrush with radial bristling for easier and more effective brushing
  • Brush heads are available in soft or medium, and are reversible depending on whether you are right or left handed
  • Packaging consists of recyclable cardboard back with clear front made from 50% recycled drink bottles
  • Each toothbrush comes with one replacement head included
  • Made in the USA 

How to replace the brush head:

Simply pull the shaft of the head away from the handle with a sharp tug and the head will detach. Place the connector of the new head into the socket of the handle and push into the handle until a positive click is felt and the head is fully seated. 

It is recommended that brush heads are replaced after 90 days (3 months).


“I’m a big fan of my Source toothbrush. The head is bigger than my old toothbrush, but not overly so. It’s comfortable to hold, and the bristles are really soft. Big thumbs up from me.” 

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