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Somni Snore Guard

Somni Snore Guard

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  • Low cost - the most affordable device available to prevent breathing through the mouth
  • Safe and effective - excellent results in over 30 years of use around the world
  • Easy to fit - moulds easily to fit an individual's mouth....why pay for professional fitting when you can do it yourself?
  • Includes easy-to-follow instructions and handy storage container
  • Made in South Africa.
  • BONUS - Each Somni Snoreguard comes with two FREE pairs of Macks SafeSound ear plugs.

The very affordable price means that it is worth trying the Somni Snore Guard rather than outlaying large sums of money on an expensive mouth device or before resorting to surgery. 

  • 93% of first time users find it completely comfortable and unobtrusive.
  • 80% of chronic snorers find that it controls snoring effectively.
  • 100% safety record in over 30 years of use.
  • 100% of users are able to customise the device themselves without the need of professional help.

Technical Information

In the vast majority of cases, snoring is caused by breathing through the open mouth during sleep. Air inhaled through the mouth has to pass the obstruction posed by the tongue, soft palate and curtains of soft tissue in the oropharynx. Turbulent airflow causes vibration of these tissues, which in turn gives rise to the noise of snoring.
The Somni Snore Guard provides a barrier to mouth breathing when the mouth falls open during sleep. Consequently air is inhaled through the nose, passing smoothly behind the soft palate and tongue, flowing parallel to the vertical curtains of soft tissue straight down the trachea into the lungs.
The Somni Snore Guard is not anchored to the teeth and places no stress on the oral structures. In the event of respiratory distress, the device is readily expelled from the mouth. It does not inhibit normal mouth, tongue and jaw movement.
The Somni Snore Guard is not a mandibular advancement device - it is a mouth shield/guard which fits comfortably in the mouth to prevent open mouth breathing.

 Clinical Studies

1. The Management of Snoring - Background and a series of treated cases, Peter C.S. Campion (1985), The Medical Journal of Australia 143:337-338
47 patients out of a total of 55 patients (86%) were treated successfully with a vestibular mouth shield. Most patients adapted easily to it and were delighted when it broke the snoring habit. The period of adaptation varied from a few days to two or three weeks.

2. Clinical Trial of an Oral Vestibular Shield for the Control of Snoring, E. Veres (1992), Journal of the Dental Association of South Africa 48:15-17
An intra-oral vestibular shield was used in 77 patients who were chronic snorers. The effectiveness of the device in controlling snoring was assessed after eight weeks and it was found to be successful in 80% of the patients. Of those who failed to benefit, 12% appeared to have a nasal obstruction and 8% either abandoned the device because of poor self-motivation or because they were unable to tolerate it in the mouth.


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