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Mack's Safesound earplugs (10 pairs)

Mack's Safesound earplugs (10 pairs)

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  • Noise reduction rating of 29 decibels to effectively block unwanted noise.
  • The best solution for help sleeping at home or on airplanes, for musicians, or even for clubbing.
  • Tapered for easy insertion and maximum comfort.
  • A free travel case is included with each pack.
  • 10 pairs of earplugs in each pack.
  • The solution to noise pollution.
  • The largest selling foam earplug in the USA.
  • Doctor recommended for hearing protection.
  • Super soft foam for comfortable sleep.
  • Also useful for protection against loud noises such as gunfire, power tools, motor racing events and loud concerts.
  • The most cost effective foam earplug available in Australia.
  • Made in USA.


"My husband cannot sleep without earplugs. He has tried so many different kinds. Yours are the most comfortable ones around". H.K.

"I'm very impressed with the design and the effectiveness, I cannot even hear myself typing this message, let alone the incessant sirens and horn-honking of the street below or the guys across the hall yelling at the football game. Thank you for making a great product". J.W.

"I love your Safe Sound earplugs. They're very effective, easy to insert and comfortable to wear". P.F.

"I just wanted to say thanks for a great product and I will continue using them". C.C.

"My husband and I have been using your Safe Sound earplugs for over 2 years and we just love them. We have tried a number of different brands in the past and nothing compares to your product, they are just wonderful". D.B.

"I have used those spongy earplugs before and they have hurt, so I was reluctant to try again. But then I tried your brand and have found them comfortable so I can study during the day". P.J.

Technical Information

  •  Moulded with state of the art, super low pressure urethane foam.
  •  Fully skinned and tapered providing maximum user comfort and hygiene.
  •  Noise reduction rating of 29 decibels means that any noise entering the ear is reduced by 29 decibels when the earplug is fitted correctly.
  •  Full, easy to follow instructions are provided on each pack.
  •  Manufactured in a facility which conforms to the quality standard ISO 9002.



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